Argox As-8000 Barcode Reader

  • Description

    Operational Aspects

     Light Source  660 nm visible LED

     Optic System 2048 pixel CCD

     Scan Distance            0 – 125 mm (13 mils, 0.33 mm) 0 – 180 mm (20 mils, 0.51 mm)

     Scan Width    95 mm (70 mm span) 50 mm (100 mm span)

     Scan Speed    100 scan/sec

    Minimum Bar Width  4 mil (0.1 mm) Code 39, PCS 90%

    PrintContrast  %45

    LED    Green Led and beep sound

    SoundTone     7-ton beep soundor quiet

    SystemInterface         Keyboard, Seri (RS-232C) and USB

    Argox As-8000

    Barcode readers are tools that retrieve price and other information about the product from the barcode usually found in shopping malls, supermarkets and markets. Thanks to the barcode readers, which are among the blessings of developing technology, transactions such as shopping time and stock tracking are now minimized. You can buy dozens or hundreds of products in a short time, make payments and manage stock quickly and regularly.

    At the same time, instead of collecting the prices of individual products, the collection process is performed automatically by reading the barcode reader on a computer. You are given the entire price. Barcode readers are found between shelves in some supermarkets. Thus, you can easily find out the price of the goods in your hand. These barcode readers, which decode the lines and numbers on the barcode, display the price information. Electronic signals are generated as a result of the dark parts in the barcode absorbing the light and the white parts reflecting the light. These signals are transmitted to the screen as numbers and you can see the exact price of the product on the screen.

    Thanks to this technology, you do not necessarily have to go to the cash register and find out the price. You can learn the prices with the barcode readers located directly inside the shopping center. At the same time, you can put the goods you buy in the grocery departments of the super markets to the scale, have the label removed and you can find out the price of this label with the barcode reader. Thus, you will learn the price of the material you will buy and reduce it if you do not like it. Barcode readers are not all the same. They are divided according to data rate or connection. Wired, wireless barcode readers are available. Barcode readers can be keyboard or serial port or USB input. Prices of barcode readers with the same features are mostly the same. You can find the barcode reader products we sell and we give support as Yakamoz BarcodeLabel on this page:

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